Non-French Users


Hello guys !

As you can see, we have moved on a website with a brand new online shop. We have decided to create a topic only for non-french users instead of the forum.

We are translating this site in english. We do our best to do this quickly.

Meanwhile, you’ll find here a corner to discuss or ask about cubes.

19 Commentaires sur “Non-French Users

  1. TheWaddler says:

    Received my full set, thanks RG. They’re great!!

    But wasn’t people who gave over 90EUR supposed to receive a special cube? Are you shipping it separately?

    Thanks again 😀

  2. Rifo says:

    I’ve received my awful and vicious cubes…

    …the Awful is very…awful!

    The vicious is still in his package, and it will remain there till I solve the first one.

    Thank you.

  3. Valery says:

    Yes Tobi 🙂

    Made with tears and blood. RG was yelling in my ears while Rockyky was whipping my back. He said “Fais moi des Easy bleus, fais moi des Easy bleus”.

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