INSIDE3 Legend Records

You've farted a score on a Legend below, send the link of your video without waiting thanks to the form at the bottom of the page.
We'll validate you within 48 hours.

The rules:
Start and stop the clock yourself.
The Legend must be posed to start and stop the stopwatch.
The stopwatch and the Legend must always be visible..
You have to see the marble when you get to the treasure room / the Katana dojo / vampire's crypt.

Become a star and win a cube or a Legend of your choice if your record is validated!

Legend Castle
20/04/2020 - Jonas Dutilloy - 14'401 (former 15'79)
Ninja Legend
24/04/2020 - Brieux 15'16 - (former 16'00)
Legend Crypts
15/05/20 - Aurélie M - 28'40 (former 31'87)

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