Legend - The CASTLE


"The CASTLE of the lost treasure"it's an adventure of a thousand dangers in a medieval universe. Go in search of one of the treasures of the Templars in the ruins of a ruined castle.
As with any quest, to complete it you will need to both the addresss, the reflection and a lot of perseverance. You'll have to manage to reach the lost treasure, but most of all, you'll have to get out of the castle.
For the outward journey will be easier than the return, traps and pitfalls await you on the path that may lead you back to freedom and Glory...

Difficulty level: 1 out of 6
From 8 years old

The hero is a young adventurer, or a young adventuress. Boy or girl? No one knows. All we know is his name: ËGALL. Wild and solitary, he.she enters the castle every day to try to thwart its many traps, discover its secrets and seize the treasure to escape as quickly as possible!


Address (2 out of 6):
you will have to take passages that will require finesse and precision:
- take a wooden bridge,
- avoid traps that will make you retrace your steps and drive you crazy,
- sneak in the right way, among 3 possible ways,
- take the stairs in the middle of the Hall of Columns...

Reflection (1 of 6) :
to reach the treasure room you will have to pass one last test, the "Forbidden Room". A room in the basement that you'll have to walk through in the dark, blind.
Fortunately a Knight had the good idea to draw the plan on a parchment, before going mad and wandering endlessly through the maze of the castle.
You'll find this map just before the bridge. Observe it carefully, but handle it with care, the parchment is old and fragile. If you manage to understand it, it will allow you to reach the stairs that will lead you to the Treasure. It will also be very useful for you to get out of this dark and dangerous room.

You'll have to walk around the castle and its dark basement, get lost in it, retrace your steps, fall and start again and again, to finally find your way.
Sometimes you'll even have to open the game to understand what's happening to you, so you don't end up like the Knight of the Scroll. Yes, it's cheating, but if it'll preserve your sanity...
Once you understand how to get there and back you can venture to take shortcuts to improve your time. And for the most daring, you will try to discover and take the secret passage that will allow you to be the best, or to lose yourself forever in the maze of the castle...

Because the goal of this adventure is to become the KING!


Only :
The only way to hope to become "KING OF THE KINGS".
But for this you will have to start as a simple manant and manage to make the round trip in less than 2 minutes to become a Squire (ESQUIRE) and get your first coat of arms.
Then by fighting like the devil become a KNIGHT (KNIGHT) and acquire your blazon with two swords, passing under the 54 seconds mark.
To finally win the 3 swords blazon and become the King (KING), by fighting battle after battle, by getting up after each fall, by persevering despite the madness that eats away at you, to beat the 26 mythical seconds.

(For a record to be validated it is necessary to make a video, where the stopwatch is always visible and respecting the rules below.)
. Release the ball.
. Put the game in front of you.
. Throw the stopwatch and catch the game to make the round trip as quickly as possible, passing well through the treasure room (you must see the ball).
. Once the ball has returned to its starting point, put the game down.
. Stop the clock.

If you have broken the online record, send us the video to receive a voucher for an INSIDE3 game, and get the title of KING OF THE KINGS.

To many:
Challenge your friends by throwing a Battle. Everyone has their chances because the multiple traps can delay the most intrepid.
Try your luck! Loyal or not, by taking shortcuts and the secret passage. Anything goes.
RULE of the game :
. Each player releases his ball.
. Start the game by yelling "FIGHT!"
. Any player who reaches the treasure shouts "GRAAL!" and shows the others that the ball is in the treasure room, and then goes back.
. The first one to reach the starting point shouts "CHAMPION!".
For he has become the CHAMPION of this battle.

If there are many of you, challenge yourself by Tournaments.
Fight two by two (draw). Same rules as for the battle.
The winners start again among themselves, always two by two.
Until there are only two left, who will compete for the GREAT CHAMPION title.

And may the best man win!


Watch out, Spoiler!!
You can't find your way, and you're afraid you'll die before you even become a Squire?
The explanations below are for you.

Release the ball (1)
Take Stairway A, go up Stairway B, cross the Hall of Columns, cross the bridge and enter the Forbidden Room (C).
Cross the Forbidden Room thanks to the plan (2) found before the bridge.
Climb staircase D to reach the treasure (3).

For the return journey you take the same way in the opposite direction. But right now, you're in for a real shock because there are multiple traps waiting for you.

You aspire to become a Knight or even outright KING!
The trap doors that make you go backwards on your way back can save you time on the way out...
Don't tell anyone, but there's a secret passageway. Where? We can't tell you, it's a secret.
It's up to you to find him. He is the key to hope to become KING, provided you work on your dexterity...