Legend 4, first tests

With containment helping, the next Legend is taking a little longer than expected. But like we told you, we have a proto factory nearby. So we can test whatever we want... The factory is a little slow but you should still receive this before the end of the year.

Here are the first images. A village full of dark alleys, many underground passages, a strange bas-relief of a skull that hides a secret.

Besides, don't lose sight of the fact that this game is just a district of Iteram, the city where the adventures of Bacytracine and Molokai take place. This is important for the gameplay 🙂

Kisses to you all,

DOuG team

13 Comments on "Legend 4, first tests”

  1. Gumgum says:

    Hello, it's a very nice proto (3d resin printing?)! I can't wait to receive the final version!! A date to communicate to help us to wait?

  2. Guillaume EMERAT says:

    The same comment, in French.

    Hi, I bought the three Legends mazes in Battle mode (three for me, three as gifts) and I appreciate them very much. They're not so obvious to understand, so I had to cut the transparent packaging properly to modify it to make a transparent bottom cover replacing the opaque grey background. This way, I can look at the underworld once it is placed above my head. Tape was used to seal both sides.

    I think it would be a great idea for DOuG to sell, as an option like the extra beads, transparent bottom covers for people who need them.

    I also tried to glue together two transparent top covers, but it's not so nice when you want to play another Legend maze, because the covers have to be redistributed.

    I guess people would pay €4 per optional transparent bottom cover. Please respond to this request! Best regards,
    Guillaume E (France).

    • Roman-Guirec says:

      Hello Guillaume.
      Already thank you for loving our games as much as we do 🙂
      We asked ourselves the question of making transparent lower chambers of course... But we're getting a little too close to a perplexed, aren't we? We're convinced that we need a little mystery 🙂 But maybe we're wrong...

      • Guillaume EMERAT says:

        Hello, Roman,

        Yes, of course, I also have several Perplexus (as well as all the NoVice cubes) and the connection is obvious.

        Legend puzzles will still have to be sold by default with an opaque box, so that the adventure will be thrilling in the evening, and this is essential in battle.

        The idea is to offer an additional transparent lower cabinet as a paid option for those who really want it. Learning the labyrinth takes ... some time. Shortcuts are really tricky, and therefore long to master. During this important learning phase, the transparent box is ideal. Due to the male-female shape of the boxes, two top lids cannot fit together properly. Without the transparent lower box, children have difficulty finding their way around and appreciate the genius of the puzzle. Removing the top cover, taking the puzzle apart, looking at it again from all angles to see why the marble doesn't go to the right place with this sequence of movements, then reassembling it quickly becomes tiresome.

        I hope I've convinced you! It's a bit like the extra wheels on the bike. They are essential at the beginning, and the mastery that comes later allows you to do without them.

        Yours sincerely,
        Guillaume Emerat.

  3. Guillaume EMERAT says:

    Hello, I have purchased the three Legends labyrinths in the Battle pack (three for me, three for gifts) and enjoy them a lot. They are not so obvious to understand, so I had to cut properly the transparent packaging to tweak it as a see-through bottom lid replacing the opaque gray one. That way I can look at the underworld when placed above my head. Some scotch tape was used to seal the two sides. I believe it would be a great idea that DOuG sells, as an option like the extra balls, transparent bottom lids for people who would need it. I have also tried to tape together two top transparent lids, but this is not so nice when wanting to play another Legend maze, as the lids have to be resfuffled. I guess people would pay €4 per optional transparent bottom lid. Please answer this request! Best regards, Guillaume E (France).

  4. Artjoms Zelenkevics says:

    Hello! Can I get at least a tracking number for my order? I have placed it at May 20th and still waiting. I have also written you an email, but haven't got an answer yet. So I saw that you are active in comments and decided to write this comment. Hope I will get an answer soon 🙂

  5. Aurélie M says:

    I'm not sure but isn't the darkness already eating this blog? On the table there were some legends laying upside down on the table... (but maybe it's a castle or a ninja...)
    Aurélie is leading the investigation!!!!

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