I'm lost.

Don't you get it? Okay, we'll help you.

Each hieroglyph corresponds to a plateau in the labyrinth.... The first tray is at the top left and the last one at the bottom right. On the other hand, beware, the start of the ball is not in the upper left corner of the foreground as you can see on board 1!

A small black square in a plane corresponds to a hole in the board to allow your ball to go down.

 explanation of plans


Except on the Easy noVICE which is a pure descent, you may encounter a small problem on the other cubes: a line on the plan that does not end with a hole to go down to the lower floor. Damn it! Look above (no, not above you!), on the top floor plan. There's a hole that allows you to go back to 🙂.

Oh, well, it's complicated! Otherwise it would be too simple.

If you really can't take it anymore, open your cube. You just need to have 1 nail available. Open it before you've gnawed through them all if you can. Otherwise with a toe it works too.

Then you have to pull it up. There are three things you should know:

1) it is necessary to slot the ball back in right now.

2) it is necessary to put the trays back in order (they are numbered) and maze down (you should be able to see the number of the tray).

3) there is a groove on the inside of one side of the cube that serves as a keyway for Slide the trays all the way in the same direction..

 opening explanation

And if you're really out of it, a certain Benoît has created a site to find your marble. And it really works! Click here: