What's that?

I N S I D E ³ it's simple.

It's a 3-dimensional maze that's played blind.

We release the ball, we watch it leave (apprehensively) in the dark and we try to get it out on the other side. Simply following the surface etched plane. And if it's not super clear yet go see the section " I'm lost."(You will not be judged, promised).

INSIDE3-This is what

The range

There's... 3 series based on the same principle (a marble that must pass through a maze placed in a cube!). The noVICE series: Smaller cubes (5 trays to be crossed) and more accessible. The 0 series (zero) : les cubes originaux avec 7 plateaux. Du facile au très très dur. The PHANTOM series 7 trays like series 0. Complicated cubes, even very complicated, with a second marble walled in that will make your life miserable.

In each series, the color of a cube matches its level of difficulty: Easy : bleu – le plus facile de la série. De 0 à 1 remonté. Hé oui, avec INSIDE3 on ne fait pas que descendre, ce serait trop simple 🙂 Regular : vert – un peu plus compliqué avec plusieurs remontés Mean orange - even more complicated, more lift Awful : rouge – ça se corse sérieusement avec des salles de choix, des culs de sacs et autres joyeusetés Vicious : marron – aussi dur qu’un Awful mais NE S’OUVRE PAS. On vous aura prévenus… Mortal : noir – aussi dur qu’un Awful, NE S’OUVRE PAS comme un Vicious et n’a pas de plan en surface. Recommandé aux Jedïes et aux psychopathes.

The current range with difficulty levels:


Below is a cool animation by Florian (a fan) which allows you to understand how the labyrinth is made with its 7 trays:

Orange_0-118 -2 _ New

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Explanatory videos

What to do when you're lost?

How to play inside?

Explanation of the range

inside3 demo game

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