C A R A P A C E S : a skull

Well, for once, we bent the game straight on the way out... the ultimate construction game. It clips on like Lego, but it's more beautiful.

Choose 2 pieces (there are 10 different triangles: isosceles, rectangles, equilateral and even any triangles!) and simply connect two sides of the same length (3 different lengths) by pinching the connectors. And we continue until we are satisfied.

No limit to creation.

C A R A P A C E S is made to sculpt beautiful, pure creatures.
The magic of triangulation, folding/gluing and origami but without the math and the horrible glue marks. Even if you suck, the assembly will be perfect.

The skull below has been made with a box of C A R A P A C E S (100 triangles), but here only about 70 are used.

More cool designs coming soon...

Kisses to you all,

DOuG Team

10 Comments on "C A R A P A C E S : a skull

        • Roman-Guirec says:

          You're smart 🙂
          You're right. You're right. There's got to be a hole. But it doesn't matter because at the end you're supposed to put the creation down or hang it on the wall. Rocky just didn't think about guys who live in weightlessness and let their creations float around. What a selfish, selfish...

  1. Attachment says:

    You done showing off yet? Nah, I'm just kidding, go on, it's a great concept. It's going to be a long summer waiting for the campaign!

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