C A R A P A C E S : Rhinoceros

Rocky's new creature is here! Rhino's head.

We'll show you how it's done in a flash. But most importantly, we give you the launch date for the project. ULULE: Monday, September 14, 2020!

Be ready to back us up if you get a feel for this thing, we're gonna need you. And your friends who don't like to play hard games but rather create pretty things. You have friends, right? You're not going to tell us that you spend your life playing Rubik, INSIDE3 and Cuphead without talking to normal people?
So you're gonna talk to them about it, okay? They'll thank you afterwards, when they can brag about how they pioneered buying the first kit in the world that allows you to create SUBLIMITED 3D sculptures..

Kisses to you all.

DOuG Factory team.

8 Comments on "C A R A P A C E S : Rhinoceros

  1. Boulesteix says:

    We are still waiting to place an order for CARAPACES, can you give us an availability date?
    Thank you and I hope to see you soon...
    J. Pierre

  2. jp.bphotographer says:

    Hello !
    We want to place an order, but the product is not yet available?
    Bravo for your creations, which are a real inventive recreation.
    We found out about you on the last issue of Telerama.
    See you soon, contact us at the Carapace exit.
    Very friendly from the Charente-Maritime under the sun.

  3. VinkoB says:

    Ah ah ah! Guys, they think they're gonna get me with the bio-plastic triangles! Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm not buying that ! Ha ha ha ha ha! Triangles... I haven't laughed so much since the famous labyrinths !

    • Roman-Guirec says:

      My God... Vbinko's back :)))))
      This time I'm keeping a precise count of all the people who will take you at the 1st degree and I will PERSONALLY remove from the box of CARAPACES that you are going to buy (that if you don't buy it, you will be offered it by force) the same number of triangles. And you won't even be able to make the pretty models! You will just be able to recycle the 5 pieces that will remain :))))))

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