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INSIDE3 Legend

INSIDE3 Legendmini adventures that work without a screen. Hybrid concept that mixes old-fashioned maze, retrogaming and role-playing. Each game cartridge has its own universe and a hero associated with illustrations that will help you get out alive from the dark underground. Much more complex than it seems... Illustrated by de Boulet, Laurel, Kme and Mona Finden.

Legend Packs

Packs of 2 identical games for epic battles, the Legend trilogy for 3 times more adventures, or even 6 games for endless battles...



CARAPACES is a new concept which is situated between building play, origami, sculpture and DIY. 10 different triangles that can be clipped and unclipped without tools to create a decoration that looks like you. A bit like LEGO but to create organic and artistic forms instead of technical ones.

INSIDE3 Original

A cube, a maze, a marble... and darkness. All cubes have the same principle, but not the same level of difficulty. There are 13 of them. The very easy ones and the frankly impossible ones. Choose the one that's right for you!


The cube to start if you've never played before. Or if you're a little young. Or too old. Or if you're not too confident. Anyway, you got it...


The original series (which launched the concept) which starts with an easy cube and ends with a very difficult cube.
This series contains all levels of difficulty. The Easy is accessible (from 10 years old) and the Mortal is excruciatingly hard. In between there is a little bit of everything. On the other hand, be careful, the Vicious and the Mortal cannot open.. To be reserved for the intrepid.

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16,90  INCL. VAT


No easy cube here. If this is your first visit, go click above.
Mean and Awful are difficult, although they can be opened. Cthulhu is atrocious and cannot be opened. They are the same size as the 0 series. However, they do contain a second marble, walled up alive in a forgotten room of the labyrinth... This ghost haunts the cube and makes life difficult for the daring player. It is however possible to remove it (except in the Cthulhu model) for training. But that's cheating.


You have a cousin Noob or a psycho sister (or vice versa). There's got to be a pack for them!


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